When Someone Is in a Car Accident in Colorado, How Long Does It Take to Get a Check for the Settlement?

If you are involved in a car accident in the state of Colorado and have injuries or damage to your property, you most likely want to collect cash compensation for these losses as soon as possible so that you can pay for them. It is natural to have the goal of having a claims process that is quick and effective. However, it is extremely vital to your long-term financial well-being that you have a solid understanding of the dangers connected with rushing into a quick settlement. Find out what you can anticipate from the typical timeframe for the settlement of an auto accident claim, as well as the circumstances in which it can be in your best interest to choose a more drawn-out legal battle in exchange for higher financial recompense.

How Long Does It Take, on Average, to Reach a Settlement in a Personal Injury Case in Colorado?

Because every single instance involving a car accident is one of a kind, looking up averages for personal injuries can lead to a false sense of security. The amount of time needed to resolve an auto accident lawsuit and come to an agreement with the parties involved might vary greatly. Having said that, the majority of insurance claims following car accidents in Colorado take between four and six weeks to resolve. This is an estimate for a settlement with an insurance company; it does not pertain to a lawsuit over a car accident. In the extremely unlikely event that your lawsuit involving the vehicle accident cannot be handled with the settlement and must go to court, you should prepare for a far longer timeframe, one that is closer to a year or longer rather than a few months.

Even though every circumstance is different, Colorado has regulations on the books that can help speed up the claims process. Even though most auto insurance companies in the state are not required by law to react to or settle insurance claims within a certain deadline, the law mandates that they do so in a manner that is “reasonably promptly.” Get in touch with a car accident attorney in Denver to discuss a potential case of insurance bad faith if you believe that an insurance company has taken an excessive amount of time to investigate your automobile accident or process your claim. A typical tactic that insurance companies employ to exploit their customers is to drag out the claims process.

What Does the Process of Securing a Dispute Look Like?

The great majority of auto accident cases are ultimately resolved through settlement agreements. When an accident victim reaches a settlement with their vehicle insurance provider, it indicates that they have come to an arrangement with the provider. The insurance provider has admitted fault and is now proposing a particular sum of money, which is referred to as the settlement award, in order to bring an end to the ongoing legal issue. In exchange, the person who was injured in the accident has indicated that they are willing to absolve the insurance company of any further responsibility for the same type of accident or injury.

An investigation into the car accident to establish who was responsible for the collision comes before any kind of settlement is reached. An insurance claims adjuster will be appointed to handle this task on behalf of the automobile insurance provider. The adjuster is going to look over all of the information and papers that the claimant has provided. During the course of the inquiry, he or she might also go to the location of the vehicle accident, evaluate the damage to the property in person, and talk to others who saw what happened. After that, the insurance company will make a decision regarding whether or not to accept the claim on the basis of the information that was acquired. You should expect settlement money to be mailed out to you within two weeks of receiving your notice, in the event that your claim is accepted.

What are the Variables That Can Affect How Long It Takes to Receive a Settlement Check?

The most important aspect that will determine how long it will take to get a check from your settlement is whether or not the lawsuit involving your vehicle accident will be tried in court. A trial for a car accident is a significantly slower way to resolve a matter than reaching a settlement agreement. An investigation of the accident, an evaluation of the claimant’s damages, and negotiations for a fair settlement amount are often required before a settlement may be reached.

On the other hand, the discovery phase of a trial involving an automobile accident may last for a significant amount of time and include events such as depositions, interrogatories, and the filing of motions. In addition to this, both parties concerned will be required to attend an open court session. Depending on how many cases are outstanding at the courts in your county, this could take up to a year to complete.