Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Hiring the Best

Motorbike riding is exhilarating, but accidents can happen. Motorcycle riders and passengers can suffer serious injuries in accidents. Motorcycle riders often require hospitalization for broken bones, lacerations, or more serious injuries after a “fender bender” accident.

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, your motorcycle lawyer’s knowledge and skills affect how much compensation you receive from a negligent motorist. This article will help you find an attorney who can maximize your injury compensation and make an informed selection.

Motorcycle Accident: What Should I Do?

Your activities after a motorcycle accident can affect your physical recovery and injury claim. Motorcycle accidents require immediate medical attention. Motorcyclists often feel good after violent crashes. These injuries can cause discomfort and stiffness hours later. Thus, vehicle accident victims must seek medical assistance immediately. A delayed diagnosis will slow your recuperation and give the careless driver an excuse for not mitigating your damages.

Gather as much evidence from the accident scene as you can. First, take photos of the accident area, your motorcycle, and the other car. After a crash, you may only have a few minutes to identify witnesses. Your injury claim requires their contact information.

Notify the police and your insurance carrier of the collision. Avoid discussing your collision with the other driver or their insurance company.

Motorcycle Accident: What Should I Do?

Stay calm after a motorcycle accident. Your accident-scene actions can damage your personal injury claim. Stay calm. After a serious accident, emotions are high, but being cool might help you make the correct decisions.

After calming down, assess your injuries and, if possible, those of others involved. If you don’t need medical assistance, call the cops. When injuries occur, stay until the police arrive.

If possible, list independent accident witnesses. Your testimony is important, but most courts value the testimony of a third party.

At a motorcycle collision, verify the other driver’s insurance details. While exchanging information is necessary, avoid rehashing the accident.

Motorcycle Accident: What to Do?

Your motorcycle accident response could affect your personal injury claim. Your post-accident activities can affect your physical rehabilitation. Consider these steps in the days after a motorbike accident.

1. Get treatment.

After the accident, focus on healing. Get medical help right away to start healing.

2. Gather data.

Accident scene evidence collection is time-sensitive. Gather photos, witnesses, and insurance information at the site.

3. Police report.

Law enforcement responds to accidents with bodily injuries. To verify the accident, obtain their report.

4. Consult a lawyer.

Personal injury claims should be handled by an attorney. Motorcycle accidents require immediate legal advice.

How Can I Protect My Motorcycle Accident Rights?

You can file a personal injury claim after a non-fault motorcycle accident. If you don’t protect your rights, you can’t get compensation. After a motorcycle accident, you can protect your rights in many ways.

Getting medical help after an accident protects your health and legal rights. Get medical assistance right away to document your efforts to treat your injuries. This may help your attorney prove your injuries are real and that you tried to treat them.

Refusing to address your claim protects your rights. Avoiding the other driver’s insurance company is extremely vital. Insurance adjusters will change your statement to avoid paying out. Let your attorney handle the insurance companies.

After a motorcycle accident, call an injury attorney immediately to protect your rights. Your attorney can educate you on your legal rights and represent you with insurance companies.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers?

Motorcycle accident lawyers abound. Not all attorneys can meet your needs. Make sure your motorcycle accident lawyer has handled comparable cases.

Accident attorneys fall into two types. General practitioners practice in many legal fields. Personal injury lawyers are the second category. Since they focus on personal injury law, personal injury attorneys are beneficial.

Location matters too. Choosing a local attorney is advantageous because court experience is vital.

Finally, your attorney-client relationship matters. Learn about their personalities during the initial consultation. You need a lawyer you trust and like for your injury claim.

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Injured motorcyclists may struggle to get compensation without counsel after a crash. Since PIP coverage is only required for four-wheeled vehicles, several jurisdictions do not allow motorcycles to carry it. Even if the biker has a PIP-protected car, motorcycle accidents are not covered. Medical bills can be high for uninsured bikers. Especially if the injury prevents work.

An attorney can help you get medical and other damages after a car accident. Medical carelessness may worsen this. Thus, contacting an attorney immediately after the accident allows them to begin gathering evidence to support your compensation claim. Lawyers may:

  • Police and incident reports
  • Witness accounts
  • Photograph the situation.
  • Check the other driver’s record.
  • Recreate the crash.
  • Recreate the accident
  • Medical records
  • Consult experts.
  • Contact insurers for you.
  • Motorcycle Accident Compensation

If the motorcyclist was not at fault, they may be able to sue the offender. PIP insurance does not apply to motorcyclists. Injured cyclists might seek damages for pain and suffering. Auto accident cases use PIP insurance. The harmed party must meet an “injury threshold” before suing the negligent party. It also prohibits pain-and-suffering damages. Motorcycle riders can recover medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering without meeting an injury threshold.

Insurance payouts

Your attorney may negotiate a settlement with the culpable party’s insurance company after an accident. Your expenditures will be reimbursed using the information provided. Your attorney may help you sue the negligent party if insurance discussions fail.

Personal injury claims for motorcycle accidents are negligence-based. Thus, your attorney must prove that the other motorist was negligent. Your attorney will investigate to learn more. This covers whether the other motorist followed traffic laws, was alert, was under the influence, etc.

Product Liability

In rare cases, a car defect caused the collision. The car or part maker may be liable for your injuries. The attorney will investigate the vehicle to discover whether it had any problems before the collision. They will work with forensic experts to determine:

  • “Unreasonably risky” motorbike or component
  • Planned use of the motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle performed the same since purchasing.
  • You can sue for defective tires, brakes, accelerators, and fuel systems.
  • Unfair Death

Motorcycle accidents can result in wrongful death lawsuits. An attorney can help the deceased’s family prove the other driver’s negligence caused the death.

Choosing a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Attorney training is difficult. Law school graduates must pass the bar exam to practice law. A background check and inquiry validate the candidate’s morality. Successful candidates become barristers. They are state-licensed lawyers.

Any lawyer can defend a criminal or motorcycle accident victim in court. Some attorneys have specific legal experience. For instance, anyone can handle a personal injury case, but if you are seriously injured in an accident, you want an attorney with knowledge of negligence laws and courtroom and trial skills that can only be gained through years of representing accident victims.

Three things to consider before hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer:

#1. Location

Motorcycle accident lawyers may have advertised. Some ads are for attorneys from other states or portions of the state within hours of your hearing location. Out-of-state law firms refer your case to local practice, giving you little influence over your counsel. Choosing an attorney in the city or county where your case will be heard guarantees that your attorney is familiar with local court procedures and judges.

#2. General practitioners:

Many lawyers and firms are general practitioners. Real estate, criminal defense, wills, and personal injury are their specialties. A lawyer who handles a few motorcycle cases will not have the same legal experience or trial skills as a personal injury lawyer. Asking a lawyer how much of their practice is motorcycle law is the easiest way to learn about their profession.

#3. Fame and Experience:

For the best outcomes, you must research motorcycle accident lawyers. Read as many online reviews and testimonials as possible before asking the lawyer questions.

Compare several motorcycle claim attorneys before choosing one that satisfies your three criteria.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Search

To get the best motorcycle accident lawyer, interview a few from a large pool of attorneys. California has 170,000 lawyers out of 1.3 million nationwide. However, who do you contact? Refine your search by:

#1. Friends, family:

A family member or friend has probably hired a motorcycle accident lawyer.

#2. Lawyer Referral:

Your home or business lawyer may not handle motorcycle accident claims, but they can refer you to one who does.

#3. Bar Associations

Most state and local bar associations have lawyer reference services that list local motorcycle accident attorneys. The State Bar of California lists county-based attorney referral programs.

#4. Google Search

Entering “motorcycle accident lawyer” and your location into Google will generate results since everyone uses it. Google searches require you to browse websites to choose a firm or attorney.

#5. Lawyer directories:

Online lawyer directories are another source for lawyers and law companies. Find a local lawyer by practice area using a lawyer directory. Martindale-Hubbell and Avvo offer legal ratings and client feedback. Famous directories:

  • Motorcycle Legal Defense Foundation
  • Avvo
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • Justia
  • FindLaw
  • NOLO

Beware of law firm solicitation mailings. State bar associations regulate lawyer advertising, including solicitation letters. In California, lawyers must declare such letters as advertisements. The letter is meant to convince you to hire the firm.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Selection Tips

#1. Interview multiple lawyers before hiring.

After compiling a list of lawyers who meet your geographic and practice area requirements, choose one to handle your motorcycle accident case. Only interviewing each lawyer is efficient.

Make appointments with multiple lawyers on your list since most offer free consultations. Gather accident and injury documentation for the lawyer’s meetings. Documents to bring:

  • Police accident reports
  • Photos of the crash, cars, and injuries
  • Medical records may explain your injuries.
  • Your normal wage and accident-related time off work.

#2. Ask Correctly

Ask questions during the interview to understand as much as possible about the lawyer. Start the interview with these important questions:

  • How long has the attorney practiced?
  • How much motorcycle law do you practice?
  • Will your prospective attorney accept the case?
  • Has the attorney handled other motorcycle accident cases like yours?
  • The attorney settles how many motorcycle accident cases?

Most motorcycle accident lawsuits settle. The accident victim’s compensation benefits from the lawyer’s trial experience. An attorney who settles all motorcycle cases in the office may be competent, but it may also signal that the law firm prioritizes rapid settlements over going to trial to maximize the client’s recovery.

Motorcycle accident lawyers should represent victims in court. Claims adjusters’ settlement decisions are influenced by a lawyer’s trial record. Claims adjusters may offer low settlements if they know a lawyer lacks recent trial experience.

#3. Discuss fees throughout the interview.

Law is a business and a career. Addressing the motorcycle accident lawyer’s fee and other costs is crucial.

Most motorcycle accident claims are handled on a contingency fee basis, meaning the attorney is only paid if your claims settle or win at trial. Request the lawyer’s documented contingency fee agreement.

California contingency fee agreements must be in writing and contain the attorney’s percentage fee and the client’s responsibility for costs and expenses. Your attorney may charge expert witness fees, court costs, and other litigation expenses. If you win, the expenses will be deducted from the settlement or judgment; if you lose, you may have to pay the attorney.

You and the attorney can negotiate fees and costs. If you hire the company, ask the lawyer about its contingency fee arrangements and how they might apply to your case during the interview.

#4. Assess Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer’s Comfort Level

Client-attorney communication is crucial. If your conversation with the attorney was repeatedly interrupted by phone calls or staff personnel asking about other cases, the attorney may be too busy to take your case. You need a motorcycle accident attorney who is solely concerned with your needs. An attorney who listens and lets you ask questions during the interview is usually the best choice. After your interviews, choose a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Disability threatens your family’s finances. Motorcycle law attorneys fight the insurance company and the liable party to get you the money you deserve while you heal. Call a motorcycle accident lawyer after researching and calling!

Can’t afford a motorcycle accident lawyer?

There are motorcycle accident lawyers for the poor. Some lawyers give free consultations and work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if you win. Local pro bono legal services may also help. Even if you’re worried about legal fees, seek out and investigate all options.

Can a motorcycle accident lawyer help with medical bills?

Motorcycle accident lawyers can help you get medical and other compensation. They will negotiate with the insurance carrier and establish a compelling case to maximize your reimbursement for injuries and losses.

Is a motorcycle accident lawyer guaranteed to take my case?

Motorcycle accident lawyers will analyze your case during a consultation to decide if they can represent you. The complexity, evidence, and legal claim can affect this. If the lawyer accepts your case, they will explain their method and what to expect.

What motorcycle accident cases can lawyers handle?

Motorcycle accident lawyers handle personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death lawsuits. They may handle motorcycle faults, road design problems, and traffic management problems. They also aid clients with medical bills, insurance claims, and negotiations.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer FAQs

Motorcycle accident lawyers: worth it?

Talk to a motorcycle accident lawyer if another driver caused property damage and injuries in a motorcycle accident. Medical, lost income, and other motorcycle accident costs can be high.

Motorcycle accident settlement time?

Motorcycle accident claims take six to twelve months to settle. Most cases are resolved within a few months unless particular factors complicate them or you go to court.

Motorcycle accident lawyers do what?

A motorcycle accident lawyer can answer questions, perform an impartial investigation to identify liability, calculate compensation, and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of victims.