After being involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler, victims should anticipate the trucking business and its insurer making attempts to settle the matter on their behalf. As more evidence is found and negotiations for a settlement continue, this procedure may get more complicated and take a little more time. Even though the majority of instances involving accidents are resolved out of court, a trial may be required.

An accident involving an 18-wheeler typically results in a substantially greater settlement than practically any other type of collision. Settlements for truck accident cases can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the aggregate, a good number of these settlements are worth more than $10,000.

In the end, the sum differs depending on several essential variables, including the severity of the injuries, the medical expenses incurred as a result of the truck accident, whether the victim’s normal life is affected, and the degree of pain and suffering experienced by the wounded person.

Arguments that could help the judge rule in your favor in this case

Although the laws surrounding this subject differ from state to state, in Texas, determining who is at fault for an accident involves weighing the degree to which you were to blame for the collision against the degree to which the truck driver was at fault.

If it is ruled that you were more than fifty percent liable for the accident, the truck driver will not pay you any compensation for your injuries. However, if the percentage is below this threshold, the motorist will be held liable for the accident, regardless of its severity.

The closer the motorist is to being completely at fault for the accident, the greater their culpability will be as a result of their level of fault. In other words, the amount of money awarded in the settlement for the truck accident is greater in these circumstances.

Your 18-Wheeler Accident Claim May Be Affected By several Different Factors

The following factors may have an impact on your 18-wheeler accident claim:

The utilization of 18-wheelers is not limited to commercial businesses. Large commercial vehicles such as trailers, cranes, and tankers fall under this category. These vehicles are used by many businesses.

Even though an 18-wheeler is rarely the sole cause of an accident, there are several circumstances that can raise the amount that you are entitled to receive as compensation.

COMMON OUTCOMES Following an accident involving a large truck

When pursuing your claim, conduct is a very crucial factor to consider since you need to demonstrate that the individual operating the truck behaved negligently. The following actions are instances of careless behavior:

  • Driving while lacking complete concentration is dangerous.
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Trailers with inadequate security
  • Lack of proper vehicle maintenance
  • Penalties for moving violations

How Long Does It Take to Come to a Decision Regarding an Insurance Claim?

After an accident involving a truck, it may take anywhere from a few months to several years to resolve issues involving the accident. However, the degree of injury has a significant impact on the outcome.

Things may move along more quickly if the victim is recovered one month after the accident. On the other hand, this rarely occurs.

A significant number of people who are injured in truck accidents sustain severe wounds that call for lengthy medical treatment that may go on for years. Because it is not known for certain what the victim’s medical requirements are, it is not possible to estimate how much money they will spend on medical care.

In situations like these, it is best to hold off on filing the lawsuit over the truck accident until after the victim’s treatment plan has been finalized. Sometimes, lawyers will wait to file a lawsuit until the very last possible moment, right before the statute of limitations runs out. This could indicate that a significant amount of time has passed since the accident before the lawsuit was filed.

After a lawsuit for personal injury has been filed in court, the typical wait time until the trial begins is between one and two years. On the other hand, the vast majority of claims for personal injuries are resolved before this period.

Injuries That Are Typically Sustained In An 18-Wheeler Accident

Accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks in trucking often involve catastrophic injuries. The following injuries are possible for victims of large vehicle collisions:

  • Bones that are broken
  • Trauma to the head
  • Trauma to the neck
  • damage to the spinal cord
  • Scars and other blemishes
  • injury to the back
  • Injuries to the shoulder
  • The whiplash effect

Because of their massive size, 18-wheelers and other types of commercial trucks have the potential to cause life-threatening injuries and even fatalities. Because of this, the cost of medical care can quickly add up.

In many cases, major wounds and injuries call for medical care as well as follow-up consultations with physical therapists in the field of rehabilitation. These particulars will have a significant amount of weight in determining the outcome of your case because they have the greatest monetary impact on victims of truck accidents.

Make a call to a truck accident attorney who has experience.

If you or a loved one was involved in a truck accident in the state of Texas, you should discuss the nature and scope of your injuries with a seasoned attorney who specializes in cases involving 18-wheeler collisions.