Best Dental SEO Companies & Marketing Firms for Dentists: Top 10

Are you looking for the finest dental marketing agency or the top SEO businesses for dentists?

Many dentists search for “dental marketing agencies near me” every day.

Or maybe you’re a dentist looking for a digital marketing agency or top dental SEO specialists to improve your online visibility and attract more clients to your business.

Search engines, social media, and email marketing are all efficient methods to connect with individuals in your neighborhood who need dental services in the current digital era.

Given that the majority of dentists don’t have the time to complete an SEO course or start and run their own marketing campaigns, it makes sense to hire professional marketers to do these tasks on your behalf.

Working with a digital marketing firm may help you reach your business objectives, whether you’re a startup practice trying to expand your patient base or an established practice planning to scale up your company or add new sites.

Because of this, not all SEO and marketing firms are made equal. You want to be sure that the agency you work with prioritizes things like communication, transparency, growth, and innovation before you decide to work with them.

The top 10 dentist SEO & marketing companies for dentistry practices are listed below.

Although they all have years of expertise in the area of dentistry, they all have their own special services and selling factors. Find the person that will make you grin and see things more positively in business!

Which 10 dental SEO and marketing firms are the best for dentists?

These are the Top 10 SEO & Marketing Companies for Dentists in the Industry.

#1 Kickstart Dental Marketing

KickStart is not used by dentists for more of the same. According to KickStart, successful marketing in the dentistry industry nowadays takes a fresh approach. Alchemy is the term used to describe the process of combining the finest marketing methods to produce a total that is greater than the sum of its parts. Each customer receives a highly personalized marketing strategy from their staff.

KickStart Dental Marketing has been a pioneer in introducing new patients to its dental and orthodontic customers since 2009. KickStart specializes in marketing for new and established general, pediatric, and orthodontist dentists.

115 Wilcox Street, Suite 220, Castle Rock, CO 80104 (800) 694-9184 KickStart Dental Marketing

2# The Guerrilla

One of the best SEO firms in the country is The Guerrilla Agency, and they just so happen to specialize in dental SEO services.  Guerrilla takes pride in their creative approach to marketing strategy and in-depth knowledge of Google and SEO. Since 2000, The Guerrilla has expanded from a one-man operation to a significant player providing services to dentists and dental clinics throughout the country.

Website design, local and organic search engine optimization, review building, social media, and reputation management are just a few of the online and offline marketing services offered by the Guerrilla team of dental marketing specialists.

The Guerilla Agency is located at 34 13th Avenue Northeast, Suite 104A, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413, and can be reached at (612) 540-0456.

#3 My Dental Agency

My dentistry Agency has been offering the dentistry industry highly individualized, fearlessly ambitious solutions for over ten years in an effort to draw in new customers and energize current ones. My Dental Agency successfully strikes a balance between innovation and strategy as well as rationality and creativity.

Web development, PPC marketing, social media marketing, reputation management, email marketing, and direct mail marketing are among the services offered. With a combined 90+ years of “being awesome,” their biggest source of pride is that a high percentage of their clientele remains loyal to them.

The address of My Dental Agency is 3030 Starkey Boulevard, Suite #177, New Port Richey, Florida 34655, and the phone number is (800) 689-6434.

#4 New Patients Inc.

Marketing isn’t only about recruiting new patients; it’s also about attracting the appropriate type of new patients, according to New Patients Inc.’s professional marketers. Since 1989, they have honed their techniques based on research and statistical analysis to become specialists in luring patients from the high-value “top half” of all patients. Your long-term investments will multiply twelve times thanks to their strategies.

They excel at technological solutions like online scheduling and patient communication tools in addition to being knowledgeable about both online and offline marketing.

Phone: (866) 336-8237 Website: New Patients Inc. 4966 South Rainbow Boulevard, Suite 110 Las Vegas, Nevada 89118.

#5 WEO Media

In order to best fulfill your objectives and particular demands while maintaining within your budget, an award-winning, best-in-class digital marketing business is committed to adopting a tailored strategy with each client. In addition, they are a Google Partner Company!

The greatest option if you’re searching for a wide range of services is WEO. Direct-to-consumer marketing, logo creation, and branding are just a few of the many services they provide. They also provide more modern digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, and social media advertisements.

Phone: (888) 246-6906 Website: WEO Media 8625 SW Cascade Avenue, Suite 300 Beaverton, OR 97008.

6# Generation Dental Marketing

A cutting-edge digital marketing company with a “work hard, play hard” ethos, Progressive Dental Marketing is situated in Florida. They value traits that a marketing firm should not possess, such as candor, openness, tenacity, and a “just do it” mentality. They provide videography in addition to conventional and digital marketing services.

With the option to target Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, and Endodontists in addition to General Dentistry, they have an outstanding range of expertise within the dentistry sector. This is the agency for you if you’re seeking a boutique specialty practice in one of those fields!

Progressive Dental Marketing 50 South Belcher Road, Suite 102 Clearwater, Florida 33765 (727) 286-6211; website available at

#7 SEO dentist

This Los Angeles-based SEO firm takes itself in being ROI-focused, totally open, and providing top-notch customer service. In order to increase traffic by over 342%, they adhere to an ambitious, growth-oriented approach and make use of cutting-edge SEO technologies. Wow!

Every customer of The SEO Dentist is covered by five guarantees: satisfaction, communication, results, communication (again), and cost. They are aware that not all marketing companies have their client’s best interests in mind, and they want you to know upfront that with them, you won’t have to worry about that.

Phone: (818) 208-7860 Website: The SEO Dentist 600 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, California 90015.

#8 DDS Rank

DDS Rank focuses only on the dentistry sector, unlike “jack of all trade” SEO services that serve customers in several other sectors using a cookie-cutter strategy. They have spent over 40 years “eating, sleeping, and breathing dentistry,” as they put it.

DDS Rank is distinctive in that they never collaborate with both you and your regional rivals since they only partner with one business per geographic area. In addition, you will get free advice on how to raise your website’s rating and search engine performance.

DDSRank is located at 87 Sweet Road, Lincoln, Maine 04457, and can be reached at (207) 200-4457.

#9 FireGang

A Washington-based organization called FireGang is dedicated to assisting practices that are stagnating or in financial trouble and changing them via the implementation of ambitious growth initiatives that will boost patient enrollment, revenue, and scalability. Success stories from companies of various shapes and sizes, including multi-location and single-location practices, as well as cosmetic and family practices, are highlighted on their website.

They will improve your face-to-face presence in addition to providing typical digital marketing services like site design, SEO, and social media by analyzing your front desk procedures and phone conversations to improve contact with your patients.

FireGang may be reached at 159 South Lincoln Street, Suite 301C, Spokane, WA 99201, or online at

#10 Dental Marketing Guy

One-man show The Dental Marketing Guy bills himself as a “Dental SEO Enthusiast.” He is a web design and SEO professional who keeps up with the latest trends to maintain your site’s ranking and popularity. He is aware that the world of digital marketing is always evolving.

In addition to offering SEO services, the Dental Marketing Guy developed the first dental SEO course to assist dentists in comprehending the fundamentals of using search engines like Google to attract new customers.

Dental Marketing Guy San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 (805) 996-0304 383 Buchon Street, Suite B

You’re now prepared to work with a premier dental marketing company.

It’s true that we are SEO specialists and that we are aware of dental marketing companies that can provide.

But nothing compares to doing your own research.

Make sure to do your own research, enlist many references, and look at internet reviews for each marketing agency.

If you choose the incorrect firm, hiring a dental SEO business can turn out to be the worst marketing decision your office has ever made.